Mar 17, 2019


Having the heart to discover Beauty requires a pure heart which means an open and loving heart. True beauty is more than color, shape, form, expression, art, love etc....for me, it's more about perspective, healing, peace and harmony that is refreshing to the soul. To me it is uniquely the closest embodiment of God. All my lives, I've been complimented or envied or treated differently because of my "exotic" look or my strong character. These experiences have shaped me to a degree but they have certainly never defined me because I am not my image. I am a soul traveling The Way of Grace just trying to find my place in the world like everyone else and remaining loyal to my heart and my God. I am simply growing and Becoming. I find my truth in my own patterns or the sacred language I have with The Most High who nurtures and guides me. This relationship is True Love in my book of testaments. And the magnificent understanding energy I feel on a collective conscious level is what continues to make my heart soar. We are never lost....we are simply rediscovering the truth. Rebirth is a process of everlasting life and the ebbs and flows of life. How we choose to handle and react to waking life is a testament to our true nature and daily growth. I encourage everyone to find the beauty that matters most. I encourage everyone to find peace in the simple. Wake with purpose and dream sweetly Dear Universe. Peace be with you.
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— at New York City.