Feb 7, 2019

REAL TALK! Happy God Day Rosa Parks and Bob Marley!

The Beautiful Aquarius New Moon, ROSA PARKS, BOB MARLEY Setting My Intentions, Trusting in the Good Lord - The Truth ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I am eternally fascinated by those irrational, incompetent, hypocritical and spiteful bad seeds who are placed in positions of authority, to be a modern-day plantation overseer and try to manage a situation by using careless bullying which is demeaning to their "subordinates", while acting like crybabies and drama queens/kings to use their vindictive and spiteful ways to paint the picture from their perspective, faking their way through life, when the rest of the world knows the truth. The truth being that respect goes both ways no matter where you fall on the food chain, and those who use fear to intimidate and cause unnecessary drama, are the problem itself. Bullies are the lesser of mankind, who only cares for themselves. A bully is insecure and lacks understanding and empathy while demanding the most and getting the least respect because they haven't TRULY earned it and no one likes them. Power tripping egos and lack of consideration for your fellow neighbor breed more insecurity and become a dark hole of inappropriate behavior which is detrimental to the well being of all. I have always been the type of person to see the truth in a situation, with the balls to call out the stinking dead elephant in the room. No one in their right mind wants to promote negative energy unless it's on their behalf. Whereas good energy is the manifestation of warmth, care, happiness and a wealth of good enterprise for all involved. The goal being an abundant garden of respect, manners, and mindfulness to nurture rather than alienate and isolate which is destructive to all. As business owners, managers, executives, employers, employees and other positions of TRUE authority, I applaud you for encouraging the magnificent spirit of life which is the gift that keeps on giving, as the real power lies in the people and reputation is everything. I encourage anyone who is being taken advantage of, robbed of spirit, being abused, manipulated or worse to stand strong in your truth and honesty which is what the world needs. A person who abuses power and creates an environment of chaos and fear, because they are not strong enough or qualified is not decent and needs a major reality check. Far too many good people have to play the part of remaining quiet and allowing a demon to cave in on themselves....but unfortunately that takes too long in most cases while many suffer the fool. It is imperative to use your free speech, humanity and call a spade a spade, but the reality is you have to be delicate. Only then will you find the truth and put the responsibility of each one of us, for the greater good on the path to growth, which is ultimately UNITY.

So what do I advise, in most cases, is to be patient, pay attention, get in where you fit in as time tells all. Invoke the spirit of those teachers, warriors, role models, kings and queens who have fought for your freedom and well being. Today I invoked the spirit of Rosa Parks and Bob Marley, with whom I feel a deep gratitude and respect for amongst many MANY others who were strong and conscious enough to never allow us to travel back to the worst of mankind. With their lives, they chose to be the Lion and Lioness to teach in practice how to exist for a better tomorrow....peacefully. So be COOL and allow the individual to ruin their own lives, while you gain allies, form a tribe and a set of values that protect, promote understanding and co-exist well together. There is no room for fear. Trust in the Most High. In general, you will not get far in life, if you make it your primary goal to oppress and subject others to your terrible behavior, as you create enemies. It's okay to ask questions to anyone, it's not ok to be treated as less than and bullied because you have a sincere genuine concern. Again, bullies get their fuel by instilling fear and threatening your livelihood.....this is ABUSE of power. So, never let someone disrupt your peace of mind and sacred heart. Never allow the berating and harassment, subtle and unsubtle, to distract you from your inner strength and your human rights. Stand for the greater good always and forever. P.S. If someone is quick to tamper with your livelihood, rather than use interpersonal moral relations, then don't be afraid to get the REAL authorities. Keep on Keeping On Fam and Live in Truth Always and Forever. Your heart will shine and soar when you do the right thing. - Queen Bri

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