Feb 3, 2019

Thoughts on this Journey: Transgender Pregnancy

I saw this article recently and it blew my mind....


My thoughts on Transgenders having babies: Men giving birth is just TOO Much. MAJOR BOUNDARY. There is NOT enough research over a long period of time to suggest that this method is even safe, possible or morale. Besides, Far too many people already give birth to human beings they have no intention of truly nurturing, affording and being responsible for which ultimately falls on the taxpayer dollar or abuses the reliance of the welfare system and places unnecessary stress/pressure on the structure of our society (jail, orphanages, poverty line, crime, lack of proper home training/education which means dumber people who hold us all back and down) while sending the wrong message to future generations. Not to mention, that the world population has more than quadrupled over the past 50 years. So people are dying slower while populating faster than ever, not growing food quickly enough to support these mouths due to improbable environmental concerns, economies rise and fall, the gap between rich and poor is vast, on top of this new "trend" that is suggesting transgenders can impregnate themselves, and the conditioning of distracted dishonest media confusion and lack of genuine goodwill due too the current times? So, we have a shit for brains leadership in high and powerful places, because we've lost faith or common sense for traditional tried and true measures/methods that help us to stay cautious and responsible (wisdom). We cannot give power to people who are willing to say, try and do everything without proper cautionary measure. I don't want to live in a world where we abuse ourselves and our source of life. We spend billions on sending people to explore space, wars, commercialism, prisons, and shit we don't need and meanwhile lose our sense of self, sanctity and sanity in the madness of trying to search for our souls, identity, values etc. So the bottom line/questions, is why open up all these radical experiments which have no proof of succeeding or being good for society at large? Although, I have always supported the Transgender community and more specifically the right to be free, as with anything, you need boundaries as there is an edge for a reason.

In Honor of those innocent transgender lives lost, I want to take a moment to appreciate the voice of Hip-Hop transgender artist, Rocco Katastrophe. We had the honor of working together 8 years ago during a truly enjoyable experience that was supported and captured by the super awesome Director Sarah Tricker. Despite, this topic being controversial then and now, and me being a heterosexual without a change of gender, I have always empathized with those good-natured individuals, who have been oppressed and seek understanding and acceptance. I feel a great deal of pride in the progress and awareness that has been made over the years and the acknowledgment of continued service to humanities. We all need to see our likeness in another to feel good and connected whether that be a community, tribe, family, spouse, pets etc. Coming out of any dark closet inspires and uplifts the spirit in all. The arts and humanities have always been the perfect platform to communicate thoughts, feelings, desires etc. It's the root of all that enriches our psyche and grants us energy outside of caring for our bodies and environments. Despite the fact that I won't be signing up to support transgender men or women giving birth anytime soon, I do support those who aim to feel at home in their own bodies and hearts and choose the safe path of peace and enlightenment. So 80,000 YouTube views and 8 years later, we still stay the course of human rights because the goal is to be better. Your gender does not determine your individual self or sanity. Look for the CONSISTENT good content of one's character (mindset) always and forever.