Feb 2, 2019

On This Journey....

Happy Saturday World! Love to Love You. It's been a while since I've posted. Reflection and meditation have always been a part of who I am and what I value. To quiet my mind, and to get in touch with my true self, it's the most reassuring balance I have. One of my goals this year is simply to write more, meditate more, dance more, sing more, love more, praise more.

In my thoughts today, I have to ask the following. 

What's on my mind? This country's and planet's well being. Why so many people are quick to argue rather than reason or discuss? Why do so many people abuse themselves physically and emotionally, and then look to another to solve their problems and make excuses for themselves if they don't get what they want? Why do so many people have a problem owning their own faults and quick to make excuses for themselves rather than improve their situation? Why do people push away, run from or fear what is good for them? Why do people abuse and neglect what is beautiful rather than nurture and support it? Why do so many people get more energy caring about someone else's lifestyle and sexual orientation rather than improving and focusing on their relationships? Why are so many people quick to use manipulation to get what they want rather than put in the good honest work to truly earn it? Why does the media promote stupidity, violence, fear and superficial material bullshit to distract the minds of the majority of the country and then act like the world is going to hell and they aren't partially responsible? Why does the media give power to the worst kind of examples, who suggest your daughters should buy their bodies rather than appreciate their natural beauty? Why do men call women bitches and hoes and act like they deserve respect for their ignorance? Why do people act like bitches and hoes and have no dignity? You can't run from stupid aka less enlightened people....they are everywhere, so you might as well teach one another. Why do smart good people practice more patience, when in reality they need to fight for what's right and with urgency so stupid doesn't get the final say? Why are people so quick to challenge a qualified Alpha with grace, rather than support a leader who is watching out for the majority's best interest? Why do people spend so much money on bullshit they don't need, then complain that they don't make enough money? Why are so many people unfulfilled? Why does the same burger costs $15 dollar in Manhattan and $7 in Brooklyn? Why do people fear what doesn't look like them, rather than looking into the soul and content of another's character, patterns and behavior? Why do people demean others to make themselves feel better? Why do people allow themselves to act as a blackhole of depression and spread their disease knowingly to their families, "friends", communities etc? Why do people hate on someone who is wise and handling their business rather than ask them advice and compliment them on making the world a better place? The media, the government and each individual is responsible for holding themselves accountable for their well being each and everyday. Someone, who has no self respect for themselves or this planet will have no problem disrespecting you. So be mindful of who and what you believe in. Be mindful of what you put in your body, your mind, and soul, because it becomes you. Balance is key in everything we know and do, without grace and beauty, we have nothing and this starts within. So don't complain about the world being a terrible place. Get your mind and heart right. Stop doing drugs and eating food that hurt and numb you, stop acting like you have to work hard to get anywhere when in reality you have to work smart. Don't bite off more than you can chew, don't produce more than you can afford to care for. I believe the majority of these answers can all be brought back to "FEAR" and lack of spirit and direction. The Devil is real and in each and everyone of us. We must be strong enough to conquer our own devil, demons, fears, insecurities, as the aura and energy we put out there comes back to us. Meanwhile ignoring the constant NOISE that spreads it's insanity through our consciousness, communities, peers etc. Everyone gets in where they fit in, so what happens when you have nowhere else to go? SO TELL A HATER TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES! I am so tired of those in power rewarding ugliness and making a mockery of our story and image. I am so tired of my fellow citizens buying into the bullshit that is force fed to you, when you could just as easily read a good book, go to the gym, meditate in nature and learn to love and enrich yourself. I would love for my fellow citizens to value themselves more than the the fake news, fake celebs, and distractions that infest and rot the minds of our society. STOP REWARDING BUFFONERY WITH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. It's not entertainment, it's ridiculous. Tell the serpent to leave and never come back each and everytime. You will find each time you get stronger, and this is the process of evolution and the path to inner peace. It starts with the belief in your own beauty and sacred heart. Would you rather hide your true self from the world, or work to put yourself in better company, which starts with your yourself. So remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Believe in yourself, not by comparing what you don't have vs. someone else, but because you are truly proud of yourself and humble enough to share that wonderful energy to those deserving of your love. This is the beginning of well being. Protect your chi. Practice minimalism and get in touch with the truest values of all. Go find yourself and don't allow others to brainwash, abuse, or manipulate you. Do not be prey as the only the strong SURVIVE & THRIVE. You are a blessed child of GOD, so act like one. #peacebewithyou
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