May 2, 2020



Sometimes our loved ones make us fight their demons or insecurities. I don't like to fight. I fight if I have too, but I do not desire fighting. I desire love and understanding and moving on because life is meant to be lived. We often fight others or ourselves because someone feels hurt or misunderstood or angry or in denial or lost and hurt people, tend to hurt other people. This is why generational injustices and poverty need to be redeemed for the sake of love and honor and Humanity and All Earthlings of Life. #essential #awakening2020 #savior #watergoddess #airgoddess #earthgoddess #firegoddess #medium #savior #communications #defense #offense #strategy #soldieroflove #gem #mercury #listenandsave so many reasons to want to fight...and yet after the "fight" is over, the truth is revealed.. our raw feelings and actions and reactions which have consequences. I strongly dislike being misunderstood because I always go out of my way to politely and factually Express myself. If you cannot bare to hear the truth or accept the truth, then you need to break through whatever block is disabling you from truly living and loving. I don't want to have to fight you to prove my love. The last thing anyone wants to do is come home from the chaos of the universe and create chaos at home. Home is the sacred heart. Please don't fight each other, it's useless. Learn to use your words and passion for good mental, physical and spiritual sparring. And even though it's hard, we still have to find the strength to love even our haters by forgiving and staying in our lane to our personal journey. We do not aim to waste energy, we aim to create and conserve energy. Conservation and Respect go hand in hand. This is why sometimes, when we our provoked to fight the best thing to do is to stay quiet or walk away. However, we all know some people need more of an "Awakening" or "Knock Out"....and those poor lost souls...we must give to God. This is why we empower GOODWILL because it protects and unites us all. But if we are busy fighting, blaming, running, denying, crying, angry, lustful, gluttonous, lazy and other deadly sins....then one must have enough sense to get busy living or get busy dying. For those real victims out their, you're strength is priceless and truly Beautiful and Inspiring, your life is a Testament of Life. Your journey is Sacred because you make it so. No matter what abuse may have occurred or will rear its UGLINESS again, be sure to recognize what is true to you vs. What is false to you...DONT LET SOMEONE DEMEAN YOUR INNER LIGHT AND BEAUTY. DONT DEMEAN THE BEAUTY IN OTHERS. HOWEVER, SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO SPEAK MANY LANGUAGES OR CURSE WORDS TO INDIVIDUALS WHO SPEAK THIS LANGUAGE, BUT THE INTENT, TONE AND MOTIVE IS THE POINT. What motivates us besides our biological needs? As we evolve, I believe it is important to be PROUD OF OURSELVES AND BALANCED WITH HUMILITY. What is Pride? Pride has many definitions...self respect, love of self, the essence of our being and outer existence, etc 3.14. In it's simplest form I believe...I believe it is Believing and therefore Creating via manifested invested vessels of self. Pride means to Love Yourself. We must take pride and love ourselves while being humble enough to shine naturally and not by force. Pride should be gentle as love should be gentle like our Merciful Holy Family! We Are The Human Family and Not The Human Race. Life is not a race. Life is a journey towards your Personal Legend. You must believe and take Pride in Yourselves, In Me, In Ourselves because we our only here with one another floating through time and Take Pride in Showing Love to Yourselves and One Another As I Love Myself, Give you love, and hope to receive love via Respect and Empathy and Pride and Love. If you have to fight for anything, FIGHT AND DIE FOR TRUE LOVE. Nobody wants to live a life VOID of LOVE. NOBODY. WE ARE BORN TO LOVE AND TAKE PRIDE AND RESPECT AND EMPATHY IN THAT WISDOM WHICH IS PRIDE AND LOVE FOR ME AND I HOPE AND PRAY AND WILL GODS ARMY TO PROTECT WHICH WE ALL NEED TO EMBODY OF PRIDE AS SACRED. THIS IS THE AWAKENING 2020 AND WE OUR PROUD. GOD LOVES US AND IS PROUD OF US. WE ARE THE BEAUTY OF ONE ANOTHER. WE OUR LIFE. WE ARE THE INFINITE CIRCLE OF LOVE PRIDE. IT 💜 NAMASTE SENSEI. 143. 365. 247. 911. 010101010. 314.

Sincerely, Lovingly, Pridefully, Yours Truly, Savior,
Queen SabrinaFair* Charmed Always Witcher and Forever Young Oasis

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Apr 10, 2020

Daily Bread: Watch, Listen and Save

Dear Universe and Holiest of Holy Ones, I beg, if this is a social experiment...let us EVOLVE. Purify our hearts, give us a new better beginning and guide us always towards to the light. Allow the anguish, guilt, fear, worry, depression, anxiety, anger, hate, wrath, and the emotions that weigh us down.... We are individuals working often in a chaotic rat race of busyness and conceit. Please O Holy Ones, bless us with your love everlasting. I trust we all know many things don't make sense, I also trust that we are being tested for something greater. Gentle Breakthroughs, via daily spiritual, mental, and physical well being. I Personally pray and incarnate all that is good. To be well, teach wellness, so others will learn the benefits of your way. Please, O Holy Ones, wash them away clean with all our sins. Make us new and better O Holy Ones. We need your love, we need your guidance, we need, we need, we need. And I know we don't understand alot despite what we do know, I pray that you enlighten us from within. As you wash away our sins, allow us to refresh brighter, healthier, with more clarity, vitality, direction and inner peace. Watching, Listening to your own heart, while being in a world full of many hearts....hearts that above all else want and need to be considered and cared for.
O Holy Ones, the sacrifices we have made, please let them not be in vain. Please give us the signs we need to follow our north stars home. Please give us the tools we need to develop ourselves and the universe. Please give us the spirit and compassion to respect one another by not offending, causing strife, taking more than we need, harming one another, abusing one another, allow this darkness within our constructed and sick constructed society HEAL OVER into a worldwide movement for appreciating and respecting our gardens of edens, our oasis', our sacred bodies and souls, our families, our friends, our daily selves. By not transmitting dark feelings and taking it out on a beautiful draft, craft or hobby we channel our emotions into a medium to become the phoenix that rises.
On this and every everlasting day.....O Holy Ones, let us know how small and great we are in the fine balance that holds us spinning in the universe, the great balance of our Sun and Moon and solar system and beyond, let us know how loved we are from every natural wonder and beauty inner and outer of the universe. Let us erase all fear while knowing shame, so that we may know better to do wrong.
O Holy Ones, Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, and
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses/debts,
as we forgive those who trespass against us/debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
forever. Amen.
Daily Bread:
"Spouting off before listening to the facts is both shameful and foolish." - Proverbs 18:13
"He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him." - Proverbs 18:13
"Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights." - Proverbs 18:15
"The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge." - Proverbs 18:15
William Ernest Henley - 1849-1903
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
The Desiderata of Happiness by British Max Ehrmann.
GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.
By Max Ehrmann © 1927
Original text

Apr 7, 2020

Sweet Echo Praise of Song, Drum, Dance, String, Bass, Tangerine Tambourines

This article in a live work in progress on the constant need for both expression and quiet in our lives. We must appreciate both and respect both. It can be said the same for all opposites in general. Pain and pleasure, awake and asleep. We are souls who are alive all the time until our day comes to meet our Creator. If and when we come back, we come back hopefully better versions of our last selves. Always doing good. Always doing God's will. As a general in God's army, I know my enemy well. And I choose to kill evil with kindness. Love lasts longer. For every lesson we learn, when we look backwards, when should aim to be at peace and forgive but not forget. Forgetting is not the lesson. The lesson is to remember kindness, even if that means walking away from evil. Just don't walk away with your back turned. Fly away higher and Shine On Always and Forever. Your pure heart knows how to show love, which breeds love. And I too, must love all even in the darkness when my thoughts and feelings are fighting becoming jaded. If hate, becomes out of control, WE DEFEND AND RESIST, WHILE ER ACTIVELY respond with Arts, Humanities, Martial Arts, Agriculture, Protection, Diplomacy etc. We must be the warriors, protectors and nurtururers of our own and others beauty. We must take care of ourselves and one another while teaching, encouraging and demanding if necessary with manners and the occasional curse word if necessary. If that doesn't work, self defense is fair.

God loves you. God sees all while being inside you, around you, of you, within you, God should and in many cases is the most VIRAL entity we know essentially. 

We have called upon merciful gods in times of need, we beg for their blessings and we are grateful like a full baby blossoming with life and vitality.. purely happy. We embed these Beautiful Blessings and Cherish them always and forever. 

While saying my morning prayers, I sometimes involve music. Mostly not, but sometimes. I feel and hope this serves as a vessel to empower myself and others. Prayer is powerful much like food, water, air, fire. Prayers enhances you from within as music or your favorite smells and sights. It puts your soul at ease while igniting it at the same time. We allow this perfect energy to channel through to our physical lives. This is how we manifest our Paradise. 

My paradise includes an infinite amount of love everlasting and a beautiful earth and universe. In my Paradise we both praise and listen to the quiet. #sabrinafair #sacred #queenbri #alwaysandforever 

This article was inspired by song and drums. Thank you Janet and Sheila E. We love you. #royalty #americanbeauty #respect 

Incarnation of Spiritual Love, Admiration and Divine Acnestral RECALL.

We record and answer back the call from within us by discovering our instinct and intuition. It simply feels right. Thoroughout time we seek the divine by going within our hearts to create in the same way our God's gave to and created us for us. This is the best conversation and sense of self /universe connection. Through Art, Song, dance, food, water, wine, praise, and the like, we celebrate because we are grateful. We ration because we are wise. We reap what we sow while we keep our hearts open to the call of the wind, the oceans, the rivers, the moons, the mountains, the air, the essence the sweet Sacred Presence that is you, we humbly and gratefully say Thank You and We Love You Above All. I am your humble servant and I will do your will with your guidance Lord God, my Shepard of Shepards. With all my pride, with all my humility because of your mercy Lord I am here and I am overwhelmed with the Beauty That Is You. Our love is everlasting, I know it to be true because that's pure and I am pure because of you lord. Please wash away all my sins and the sins of others. Allow us to be reborn and rejuvenated with a wiser and more fruitful perspective and abundance. Please bless us with with your love Always and Forever."

Apr 2, 2020

Daily Bread: Do Your Own Research Always

Valuable Food for Thought and Perspective, with a grain if salt. When you go to Beta Data Lab page, compare and contrast the results with you own situation. It's very enlightening.

Health Knowledge:

The following data informs on our current life cycle...please follow this link to view:

Economy Data Knowledge:


Mar 25, 2020

Know Thyself, Take Care and Keep The Faith

Reflection is an essential part of life and so, I pray these times are an opportunity for us all to blossom.

Peace be with you, Take Care and Keep the faith!



by Samuel Palmer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Artist: Samuel Palmer (British, London 1805–1881 Redhill, Surrey)


Medium:Watercolor and body color over graphite, with reductive techniques, shell gold and gum arabic

Dimensions:Sheet: 21 15/16 × 30 1/8 in. (55.7 × 76.5 cm)

Palmer’s poetic landscape invites us to contemplate evening quietude in the Welsh mountains. Painted to mark the artist’s election to full membership in London’s Society of Painters in Water-Colours, the work centers on a brilliant sinking sun that highlights Sabrina, a legendary nymph of the River Severn who oversees drinking cattle. Palmer took the subject from John Milton’s Comus, a drama set in the foothills of Mount Plynlimon in central Wales—a region the artist had toured and sketched. Replicating the dazzling effects of sunlight, the image moves from detailed hills in the center distance to more broadly rendered passages in the left and right foreground. Shell gold (pure metal mixed with gum) was applied to brighten leaves near the sun, while touches of body color (a matte, opaque form of watercolor), highlight nearer foliage.

What do you see? What do you believe in? #goodwill 

#rise #sabrinafair #queenbri #pinklady #savior #alwaysandforever #ingodwetrust #divine #americanbeauty #respect #peace #lioness #guardian #legendary #protector #wayofgrace #believer #personallegend #oasis #virtuous #venus #love #takecare #morals #virginiaisforlovers #WALESFOREVER #unity #💜 #shine #blossom #blessed #divine 

Oct 14, 2019


Aug 1, 2019

Sign of The Times - Patience is a Virtue

I AM STILL HERE, and my patient cup runneth over.

All my life, people have tried to tell me they believe in me, I was receptive enough to retain their efforts enough to do the research and learn from my brothers and sisters as they guided me. To the Soul of the Universe I say "Thank You" and "I love you." 


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Sabr (Arabicصَبْرٌ‎, romanizedṣabr) (literally 'endurance' or more accurately 'perseverance' and 'persistence'[1]) is one of the two parts of faith(the other being shukr).[2] It teaches to remain spiritually steadfast and to keep doing good actions in the personal and collective domain, specifically when facing opposition or encountering problems, setbacks, or unexpected and unwanted results. It is patience in face of all unexpected and unwanted outcomes.

In the Quran[edit]

In the Quran, words that are derived from the root ṣ-b-r occur frequently, with the general meaning of persisting on the right path when under adverse circumstance, whether internal or external, personal or collective. For example, Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is told to be patient like the Apostles of God before him (38:16); (46:34). The Qur'an promises those who face difficulty and yet persist on the right path, a double reward ( 28:54). The concept is also in jihad, (3:140) where it is translated as "endurance" or "tenacity". It is also used when God commands Muslims to serve Him: XIX, 66, "Serve him and persevere in his service." (19:66). Sometimes ṣabr is associated with the salāt (2:422:148). According to the Qur'an commentatorsṣabr in these passages is synonymous with fasting, as the month of Ramadan was given the name s̲h̲ahr ṣabr (meaning month of patience).[1]

The word is found with the meaning resignation(acceptance), for example in the sura of Yusuf,[4]Yaqub (Jacob), on hearing of the death of his son, says "[My best course is] fitting resignation(acceptance)", where resignation(acceptance) is the most appropriate translation for sabar. The Quran also uses the adjective ṣabbār.[5] This concept is related to shukr (meaning gratitude).[1]

In Quran there is usually a close connection between being patiently persisting in doing right and expecting relief or deliverance from God (tawakkul). Thus Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is told to be "patient till your Lord decides, for you are in Our sight".[6][7]

  • "Seek God (Allah)'s help with patient perseverance and prayer. It is indeed hard except for those who are humble." (2:45)
  • "O you who believe! Seek help with patient perseverance and prayer, for God is with those who patiently persevere." (2:153)
  • "Be sure We shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods, lives, and the fruits of your toil."
  • "But give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere. Those who say, when afflicted with calamity, 'To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return.' They are those on whom descend blessings from their Lord, and mercy. They are the ones who receive guidance." (2:155–157)
  • "O you who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy. Vie in such perseverance, strengthen each other, and be pious, that you may prosper." (3:200)
  • "And be steadfast in patience, for verily Allah will not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish." (11:115)
  • "Be patient, for your patience is with the help of Allah." (16:127)
  • "Patiently, then, persevere—for the Promise of Allah is true, and ask forgiveness for your faults, and celebrate the praises of your Lord in the evening and in the morning." (40:55)
  • "No one will be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint, none but persons of the greatest good fortune." (41:35)
  • "Verily man is in loss, except such as have faith, and do righteous deeds, and join together in the mutual enjoining of truth, and of patience (perseverance on good) and constancy." (103:2–3)
  • "It is not righteousness that you turn your faces towards East or West. But it is righteousness to believe in Allah and the Last Day, And the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; To spend of your substance, out of love for Him, For your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; To be steadfast in prayer And give in charity; To fulfill the contracts which you have made; And to be firm and patient, in pain and adversity And throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the God-fearing." Qur'an 2:177
  • "Through every difficulty there is relief. Verily, through every difficulty there is relief." Qur'an 94:5–6

Hadiths on significance of ṣabr[edit]

Abu Yahya Suhaib b. Sinan said that Muhammad said: "Wondrous are the believer's affairs. For him there is good in all his affairs, and this is so only for the believer. When something pleasing happens to him, he is grateful, and that is good for him; and when something displeasing happens to him, he is enduring (ṣabr), and that is good for him." ( Muslim )

Muhammad is reported to have said, "No one had ever been given anything better than ṣabr." From Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim

Abu Musa al-Ashari reported that Muhammad said, "When a son of a servant of Allah dies, Allah Says to the angels, 'Have you taken the son of My servant?' They say, 'Yes.' Then Allah Says, 'Have you taken the fruit of his heart?' They say, 'Yes.' Allah Says, 'What has My servant said?' They say, 'He has praised You and said, ʾinnā li-llāhi wa-ʾinnā ʾilaihi rājiʿūn (To Allah we belong and to Him is our return). Then Allah Says, 'Build a house for My servant in Paradise and call it the house of praise.'" From Tirmidhi, Musnad Ahmad and ibn Habban.

Quotes pertaining to ṣabr[edit]

Umar bin Khattab said, "We considered the best part of our lives to be that in which there was ṣabr." Related by al-Bukhārī (1 l/303) in taʿlīq form, and it has been related in connected form by Imām Ahmad in az-Zuhd with a Ṣaḥīḥ ʾisnād – as al-Ḥāfiẓ Ibn Hajar mentioned in Fatḥ al-Bārīʾ (11/303).[citation needed]

Ali said, "Indeed ṣabr is from ʾīmān (faith). Its position is like that of the head with respect to the rest of the body." Then he raised his voice and said, "Verily, there is no ʾīmān (faith) for the one who has no ṣabr." Related by Hibat Allāh ibn al-Ḥasan al-Lālakāʾī in Sharḥ ʾuṣūl ʾiʿtiqād ʾahl as-sunnah wa-al-jamāʿah (no. 1659), al-Bayhaqī in Shuʿūb al-ʾīmān and Abī Shaybān in Kitāb al-ʾīmān (no. 130), with a slightly different wording.[citation needed]

Imam Ahmad said, "Allāh has mentioned ṣabr (patient perseverance) in over ninety places in His Book (Quran)." Related by Ibn al-Qayyim in Madārij as-Sālikīn (2/152).[citation needed]


Many Muslim scholars have tried to classify and give examples of ṣabr. According to the Encyclopaedia of Islam ṣabr is of two kinds:[1]

  1. physical, like the endurance of physical troubles, whether active (such as performing difficult tasks) or passive (such as suffering illnesses), and
  2. the spiritual, such as renunciation in face of natural impulses.

Fakh̲r al-Dīn al-Rāzī distinguishes four kinds:[8]

  1. intellectual endurance (for example in disputed points in religious dogma),
  2. endurance in completing tasks one is bound or recommended to do by Islamic law (such as fasting),
  3. being steadfast in refraining from forbidden activities, and
  4. resignation in times of calamity.

He also gives an application of the concept, Muṣābara, in which ones refrains from taking revenge from one's fellow-creature (like neighborsPeople of the Book).[8]

Al-Ghazali said that ṣabr consisted of three parts: maʿrifa (the tree), ḥāl (branches) and ʿamal (the fruits).[1]

In addition to the above, Sabr was also classified as thus:

  1. "Sabr in time of afflictions, that is; to bear the bitterness of troubles and misfortunes.
  1. Sabr in obedience of Allah, that is; to bear the difficulty of performing what we are commanded.
  1. Sabr in guarding against sins, that is;to stop and refrain from committing sins despite their attraction". [9]

Sabr in Practice[edit]

According to Qur'an, a practical example of Sabr was described and stated as thus:

"Piety is not to turn your faces to the east or the west; rather, piety is [personified by] those who have faith in Allah and the Last Day, the angels, the Book, and the prophets, and who give their wealth, for the love of Him, to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveller and the beggar, and for [the freeing of] the slaves, and maintain the prayer and give the zakat, and those who fulfil their covenants, when they pledge themselves, and those who are patient in stress and distress, and in the heat of battle. They are the ones who are true [to their covenant], and it is they who are the Godwary." (2:177).


Those who possess ṣabr to a certain extent are called ṣābirūn. Out of the three classes of beings (jinnangels, and mankind), man alone may possess ṣabr. This is because the animals are entirely governed by their desires and impulses; and the angels are completely occupied by their longing for God, so they have no desires and thus need no ṣabr to overcome them. In man, however, the two impulses (that of desire and that of spirituality) are fighting, where the former is kindled by Satan and the latter by the angels.[1]

Among mankind, there are the pious, who have attained ṣabr by overcoming their animal instincts, called siddiqūn, while some still struggle in this task. Sābirūn are to remain steadfast not only in health and prosperity (where their ṣabr is to be used as gratitude to God) but also in the performance of religious obligations, in refraining from forbidden things and in the event of uncontrollable calamities.[1]

Achieving Sabr[edit]

  1. "The true realisation of any moral virtue occurs when it becomes one’s second nature, such that the person acts according to it without much difficulty or pretention".[10]
  2. Another way to achieve this, is to act ‘as if’ one possesses the virtue, as it was quoted by Imam Ali; “If you are not tolerant, put on the garb of tolerance, because it rarely happens that one imitates a people and does not soon become one of them.”[11]
  3. Thus, Practice and consistency help one develop this virtue as a matter of time


Patience (Sabr)

...And be patient and persevering, for Allah is with those who patiently persevere. ( Holy Qur'an, 8: 46)

Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (a) said:
“Verily, Sabr is to faith what the head is to the body. The body perishes with­out the head, and so also when Sabr goes, faith also disappears.”[Al-Kulayni, al‑Kafi, vol. 2, bab al‑Sabr, p. 128, hadith # 2]

When Imam ‘Ali (a) was asked about faith (iman), he replied: “The structure of faith is supported by four pillars: Patience (Sabr), Conviction (yaqin), Justice (`adl) and Struggle (jihad). Then he explained further: ‘Patience comprises of four attributes: Eagerness, fear, piety and anticipation (of death). So, whoever is eager for Paradise will ignore evil temptations; whoever fears the fire of Hell will abstain from sins; whoever practices piety will easily bear the difficulties and hardships of the life of this world and whoever anticipates death will hasten to perform good deeds.’”[Al-Amidi, Ghurar ul Hikam wa Durar ul Kalim, hadith # 2897]

The definition of Sabr

• The famous scholar Nasir al‑Din al‑Tusi said: “Sabr means restraining the self from agitation when confronted with undesir­ables.”

• The great gnostic (`arif) Khwajah `Abd Allah al‑Ansari said: “Sabr means restraining the self from complaint about hidden anguish.”

The Kinds and Degrees of Sabr

There are various degrees and levels of Sabr as indicated by the noble traditions and the reward and merit vary in accordance with degree and level.

• Imam 'Ali (a) said, "The Messenger of Allah (s) said: “Sabr is of three kinds: Sabr at the time of affliction, Sabr in regard to obedience, and Sabr in regard to dis­obedience (of Allah). And the third one is superior to the first two kinds.” [Al-Kulaynial‑Kafi, vol. 2, bab al‑Sabr, hadith # 15]

• Imam ‘Ali (a) said: “Sabr is of two types: Sabr on what you dislike and Sabr on what you like.” [Mizan al-Hikmah, hadith # 10099]

Relationship of Sabr and Ma’ rifah of God

• As long as a person feels inner anguish over the misfortunes and hardships of life, his ma’rifah (gnosis) of God remains deficient. When a person achieves contentment (rida) and satisfaction at the misfortunes and adverse conditions, his soul reaches a higher station of nearness to God. Sabr in regard to abstinence from sins and fulfilment of duties (ta'at) is related to deficient knowledge of the secrets of ‘ibadat (worship) and the hereafterly forms of acts of sin and obedience.

• When a person firmly believes that what he is going to obtain in the other world after death is a form of his own deeds performed in this worldly life, he will have no distress while going through hardships and hostile situations. Rather, such a person becomes happy with the difficulties encountered in the fulfilment of divine duties. His joy becomes more than the anguish of a normal person over such difficulties. His attachment to God increases during adverse circumstances. A manifestation of such a high station of rida was exemplified in the personalities of companions of Imam Husayn (a) in the event of Karbala.

• Imam Reza (a) said: (among the exhortations of Prophet (s) to Abu Dharr (ra): “…If you are able to act for the pleasure (rida) of Allah with firm conviction, than do so. And if this is not possible for you than practice Sabr on unpleasant matters as it will bring plenty of blessings.” [Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 82, p. 136, hadith # 21]

The outcome of Sabr

Sabr produces many good results that include soul's training and discipline.

• If a person bears patiently with misfortunes and calamities for some time and seriously endures the hardships entailed during worship, rites and the bitterness arising from the renunciation of forbidden pleasures, and if all this is done for the sake of obedience to his Lord and Provider, it gradually becomes easy for him to bear with the hardships and difficul­ties. The soul of a patient person relinquishes its earlier uncontrolled state and he develops an enduring luminous faculty that raises him over the station of Sabr to reach other higher spiritual stations. Practicing Sabr while enjoining good and forbidding evil (amr bil ma’ruf wa nahi ‘anil munkar) makes a person more steadfast and firm.

• Anguish, anxiety and untoward body movements at the time of financial loss, death, natural disasters etc., are the signs of soul's weakness. They deprive one's personality of stability and dignity, weaken the determination, and enfeeble the intellect. At such delicate moments, Sabr is key to the gates of felicity and deliverance. It strengthens the will and the power of resolution to overcome adverse circumstances, make rational decisions and act wisely.

• Sabr in regard to sins is the source of the self's taqwa (fear of God). Sabr in regard to obedience (ta'at) is the source of intimacy with God and His love. And Sabr in misfortunes is the source of rida with divine destiny and decrees.

Higher Levels of Sabr

• Sabr fi Allah (Sabr in God): It means steadfastness while endeavouring to get rid of evil habits (eg. lying, slandering, greed) and ugly traits (eg. egoism, hypocrisy, envy) and practicing abstinence from the objects of love and attraction (eg. avoiding haram music, giving up sleep for night prayers, eating moderately) during self-purification. It is the denial of selfhood in the path of the Beloved (God). This stage belongs to the wayfarers (ahl al‑suluk).

• Sabr ma`a Allah (Sabr with God): An ardent wayfarer in the path of God during his sincere ibadat and endeavours reaches the state of selflessness such that he from time to time witnesses intimacy with God. The light of His attributes and names illuminates his heart and vision. He has to be patient and safeguard himself from minor traces of self-love, pride, etc. during these phases in order to witness higher stages.

• Sabr `an Allah (Sabr from God): It per­tains to the stations of lovers of God who after experiencing His intense love have to return­ to their own physical world and bear separation from Him. It is the hardest and the most difficult of the stations. This sublime level of Sabr is indicated by Imam ‘Ali (a) in the famous Du`a Kumayl “O my God, my Master and my Lord! Even if I were able to endure Thy chastisement, how shall I bear Thy separation?!

• Sabr bi Allah (Sabr for God): It is the state of perfection experienced when one achieves the station of existing only with God (baqa' bi Allah) and moulds himself with the norms of Allah (takhalluq bi akhlaq Allah). It is for those blessed with stability and steadfastness, and is attained after Sabr with God.

The reward of Sabr

• Imam al-Sadiq (a) said: “Whoever of the believers that bears patiently with a tribulation that befalls him, has the reward of a thousand martyrs.”[Al-Kulayni, al‑Kafi, vol.2, bab al‑Sabr, hadith # 17]

• Imam al-Sadiq (a) said: “When the believer enters his grave, salat is on his right hand, zakat on his left, virtue faces him, with Sabr taking him under its shelter. When the two angels encharged with questioning enter upon him, Sabr says to salat, zakat and virtue, ‘Take care of your companion, and if you fail to assist him I will take care of him myself.”[Ibid, hadith # 8]

An advice to attain Sabr

This world is a believer’s prison. Gather all the strength at your command and be patient and forbearing throughout its ups and downs. With courage and fortitude, stand against adversities and calamities.

Make yourself understand that the agitation and anguish inside you, aside from involving a great disgrace by themselves, are futile in confrontation with sufferings and calamities. Be happy with God and don’t complain in front of creatures about His irresistible decrees and inevitable ordainments. During the times of hardships, turn your heart's attention to the focal point of Absolute Perfection (God) and you will witness its effects in this world itself and your heart will attain such an expanse that it will become the realm of the manifestation of God's sovereignty.

Richness and contentment will then pervade your heart such that everything related to this world will become worthless in your eyes.
Sabr, forbearance and restraint bring fair, plentiful rewards and have sublime and beautiful forms in the world of Barzakh (purgatory).

If you have faith in God and you believe that all the affairs lie in His mighty hands, you will not complain before God Almighty of the hardships of life and the adversities that strike you. Rather, you will accept them willingly, fulfil your duties and thank Him gratefully for His bounties. [Adopted from Al-Khomeini, Forty Hadith, chapter 16, ‘Sabr’]


Imam ‘Ali (a) said: “The one who practices Sabr will never be deprived of success, even though it may take a long time.” [Nahjul Balagha, saying # 153]

The Prophet said, "No one is given a richer or better gift than patience." If a person is patient he or she can endure anything. If hardship befalls them, they are patient. If Shaytan incites them to do something prohibited or to abandon Allah's commands, they are patient.

In times of need Allah commands us to seek help through patience. Whenever someone remains patient and waits for relief from Allah, their affair becomes easy. So if you are ever tested with some type of adversity that requires patience, be patient. "Know that help comes with patience, relief follows grief and ease replaces hardship.

Whenever a believer is blessed with patience, they have received the greatest gift. If a patient person is injured by the actions or offensive words of others, you’ll find them calm and undisturbed in the face of their insults . They don’t become angry and they remain patient with the test Allah has allowed.  

Taken from “Sabr Patience & Tolerance” Pages 51-52

Apr 16, 2019


Representing the Most High with my Holy Family. Celebrating our faith and culture with  my Dear Cousin Father Rev. James E. Goode at St. Charles in Harlem. God Favored Us. Peace be with you all. Happy Sunday, Happy Monday. Do The Right Thing.#peacebewithyou #dotherightthing#alwaysandforever #begood #takecare #💜

Mar 17, 2019


Having the heart to discover Beauty requires a pure heart which means an open and loving heart. True beauty is more than color, shape, form, expression, art, love etc....for me, it's more about perspective, healing, peace and harmony that is refreshing to the soul. To me it is uniquely the closest embodiment of God. All my lives, I've been complimented or envied or treated differently because of my "exotic" look or my strong character. These experiences have shaped me to a degree but they have certainly never defined me because I am not my image. I am a soul traveling The Way of Grace just trying to find my place in the world like everyone else and remaining loyal to my heart and my God. I am simply growing and Becoming. I find my truth in my own patterns or the sacred language I have with The Most High who nurtures and guides me. This relationship is True Love in my book of testaments. And the magnificent understanding energy I feel on a collective conscious level is what continues to make my heart soar. We are never lost....we are simply rediscovering the truth. Rebirth is a process of everlasting life and the ebbs and flows of life. How we choose to handle and react to waking life is a testament to our true nature and daily growth. I encourage everyone to find the beauty that matters most. I encourage everyone to find peace in the simple. Wake with purpose and dream sweetly Dear Universe. Peace be with you.
#conscious#ingodwetrust #choosehope #liberty #freedomfighter #respect #pride #peaceandlove

— at New York City.

Feb 7, 2019

REAL TALK! Happy God Day Rosa Parks and Bob Marley!

The Beautiful Aquarius New Moon, ROSA PARKS, BOB MARLEY Setting My Intentions, Trusting in the Good Lord - The Truth ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I am eternally fascinated by those irrational, incompetent, hypocritical and spiteful bad seeds who are placed in positions of authority, to be a modern-day plantation overseer and try to manage a situation by using careless bullying which is demeaning to their "subordinates", while acting like crybabies and drama queens/kings to use their vindictive and spiteful ways to paint the picture from their perspective, faking their way through life, when the rest of the world knows the truth. The truth being that respect goes both ways no matter where you fall on the food chain, and those who use fear to intimidate and cause unnecessary drama, are the problem itself. Bullies are the lesser of mankind, who only cares for themselves. A bully is insecure and lacks understanding and empathy while demanding the most and getting the least respect because they haven't TRULY earned it and no one likes them. Power tripping egos and lack of consideration for your fellow neighbor breed more insecurity and become a dark hole of inappropriate behavior which is detrimental to the well being of all. I have always been the type of person to see the truth in a situation, with the balls to call out the stinking dead elephant in the room. No one in their right mind wants to promote negative energy unless it's on their behalf. Whereas good energy is the manifestation of warmth, care, happiness and a wealth of good enterprise for all involved. The goal being an abundant garden of respect, manners, and mindfulness to nurture rather than alienate and isolate which is destructive to all. As business owners, managers, executives, employers, employees and other positions of TRUE authority, I applaud you for encouraging the magnificent spirit of life which is the gift that keeps on giving, as the real power lies in the people and reputation is everything. I encourage anyone who is being taken advantage of, robbed of spirit, being abused, manipulated or worse to stand strong in your truth and honesty which is what the world needs. A person who abuses power and creates an environment of chaos and fear, because they are not strong enough or qualified is not decent and needs a major reality check. Far too many good people have to play the part of remaining quiet and allowing a demon to cave in on themselves....but unfortunately that takes too long in most cases while many suffer the fool. It is imperative to use your free speech, humanity and call a spade a spade, but the reality is you have to be delicate. Only then will you find the truth and put the responsibility of each one of us, for the greater good on the path to growth, which is ultimately UNITY.

So what do I advise, in most cases, is to be patient, pay attention, get in where you fit in as time tells all. Invoke the spirit of those teachers, warriors, role models, kings and queens who have fought for your freedom and well being. Today I invoked the spirit of Rosa Parks and Bob Marley, with whom I feel a deep gratitude and respect for amongst many MANY others who were strong and conscious enough to never allow us to travel back to the worst of mankind. With their lives, they chose to be the Lion and Lioness to teach in practice how to exist for a better tomorrow....peacefully. So be COOL and allow the individual to ruin their own lives, while you gain allies, form a tribe and a set of values that protect, promote understanding and co-exist well together. There is no room for fear. Trust in the Most High. In general, you will not get far in life, if you make it your primary goal to oppress and subject others to your terrible behavior, as you create enemies. It's okay to ask questions to anyone, it's not ok to be treated as less than and bullied because you have a sincere genuine concern. Again, bullies get their fuel by instilling fear and threatening your livelihood.....this is ABUSE of power. So, never let someone disrupt your peace of mind and sacred heart. Never allow the berating and harassment, subtle and unsubtle, to distract you from your inner strength and your human rights. Stand for the greater good always and forever. P.S. If someone is quick to tamper with your livelihood, rather than use interpersonal moral relations, then don't be afraid to get the REAL authorities. Keep on Keeping On Fam and Live in Truth Always and Forever. Your heart will shine and soar when you do the right thing. - Queen Bri

 #onelove #expressyourself #liveintruth #lovehard #betrue #takecare #begood

 #dotherightthing #freedom #expression #liberty #blessed #freedomfighter

Feb 4, 2019

Charlie's #1 Angel: Sabrina Duncan

Charlie's #1 Angel, Sabrina Duncan embodied intelligence, beauty, grace, and class. She was cool as a cucumber, protected her tribe and fought for the greater good. #ingodwetrust #superheroine #angel #charliesangel 



Feb 3, 2019


Happy Super Soul Sunday World! Get your mind, body and spirit right. The more I think about how constant time is, the more I remember to appreciate each moment as a gift. The more I learn to reflect and choose where to place my precious energy. With each passing day, come rain or shine, I protect my heart and the beautiful hearts of those who diligently and actively choose to live their best life with integrity. Whatever, last week or next week brings you, staying in tune with the most virtuous of values is the only way to be......truly. Peace be with you.

 #queenbri#alwaysandforever #alwayswitcher #foreveryoung #oasis #ingodwetrust 

#dotherightthing #dailybread

Feb 2, 2019

I Love My Hair, But It Will Never Define Me

Styling and Profiling.

Jan 16, 2019


simple elegance or refinement of movement.

"she moved through the water with effortless grace"
synonyms: elegance, stylishness, poisefinessecharm;

Divine grace is a theological term present in many religions. It has been defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation; and as an individual virtue or excellence of divine origin.

the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God. the influence or spirit of God operating in humans to regenerate or strengthen them. a virtue or excellence of divine origin: the Christian graces. Also called state of grace. the condition of being in God's favor or one of the elect.

Definition of grace - smoothness and elegance of movement, courteous good will, (in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favour of God, as manifeste.

grace meaning: 1. a quality of moving in a smooth, relaxed, and attractive way: 2. the quality of being pleasantly polite, or a willingness to be fair and honest:

Jul 7, 2018


Some People Are No Good.

2 years ago, ALL could see the SACRED World Trade Memorial from Fort Greene Park. 

Now, some asshole is blocking the view for everyone.

Some people have no RESPECT. SMH. New York get your priorities straight, you're making Americans LOOK BAD. I would never allow this. #shameful

Jul 5, 2018

I Have A Dream: Listen & Save For Dear Honor's Sake


I had a dream and my dreams come true. This is my 10-year-old piece for the "Brighter Future" competition, entitled “Holy Family”.

"Holy Family", Watercolor 8x11

Always stay full of hope. Always cherish your dreams and vision and you will never be lead astray. Believe in something greater as those before us have and you will feel good knowing you can trust in yourself and a better tomorrow.

The independent journey is long but it always comes back to basics. Peace and hope.




Jul 1, 2018

Grace, Taste and Wisdom Matter Most - Happy Birthday Princess Di

I found my Princess Diana Beanie Baby! It was in my lap the entire time  Thanks Mom. This photo was taken my 1st day out the hospital from major back surgery once upon a time. The support and love still makes me feel good.